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Da Luciano Pizzeria

Fully Licensed Restaurant

Take-away, Delivery & Catering

15-17 Broad Street, Wells, BA5 2DJ

01749 675884

Open: 12-10pm, Mon-Sat* *Excludes Bank Holidays

Take-away Menu

Dine in our Restaurant, order from our Take-away / Delivery Service.
The choice is yours how you enjoy our delicious, freshly prepared Italian dishes.


Da Luciano Pizzas are lovingly created with our unique homemade pizza dough


Vegetarian Pizza Vegetarian Option
Item Name Price of 9 inch Pizza Price of 12 inch Pizza Price of 14 inch Pizza Item Description
Garlic Pizza £6.10 £7.20 £11.70 Tomato & Garlic
Margherita £6.10 £7.20 £11.70 Cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Funghi 9 inch option available £7.80 £12.70 Mushroom, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Bianca 9 inch option available £8.60 £14.00 Artichoke, onion, garlic, cheese & mozzarella (served with tomato on request)
Quattro Formaggi 9 inch option available £9.00 £14.70 Blend of four Italian cheeses & tomato
Fiorentina 9 inch option available £9.00 £15.10 Spinach, whole egg, olives, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Vegeteriana 9 inch option available £9.20 £15.00 Peppers, onion, sweetcorn, mushrooms, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Giardino 9 inch option available £9.50 £15.50 Aubergine, olives, peppers, artichoke, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Mediterranea 9 inch option available £9.50 £15.50 Sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke, capers, goats cheese, basil, cheese & tomato
Meat Pizza
Item Name Price of 12 inch Pizza Price of 14 inch Pizza Item Description
Pepperoni £8.10 £13.20 Pepperoni, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Capri £8.10 £13.20 Roast ham, mushroom, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Tropicana £8.30 £13.50 Pineapple, roast ham, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Rossa £8.90 £14.50 Bacon, pepperoni, garlic & tomato (served with mozzarella on request)
Mona Lisa £8.90 £14.50 Roast ham, goats cheese, spinach, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Primavera £8.90 £14.50 Parma ham, olives, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Apollo £8.90 £14.50 Chicken, mushroom, sweetcorn, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
San Pazzo £9.40 £15.30 Spicy beef, roast ham, mushrooms, peppers, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Hot & Spicy £9.40 £15.30 Pepperoni, roasted peppers, cheese, mozzarella & tomato (served with chillies on request)
Pavarotti £9.70 £15.90 Roast ham, chicken, spicy beef, pepperoni, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Caruso £9.70 £15.90 Napoletana salami, pancetta, rocket, mozzarella & tomato
Calabrese £9.70 £16.30 Fiery Calabrian n’duja, whole egg, salsiccia, capers, mozzarella & tomato
Fish Pizza
Item Name Price of 12 inch Pizza Price of 14 inch Pizza Item Description
Napoletana £9.20 £15.00 Anchovies, capers, olives, mozzarella & tomato
Marinara £9.20 £15.00 Tuna, prawns, anchovies, cheese, mozzarella & tomato
Quattro Stagioni £9.60 £15.70 Mozzarella, olives, tomato, capers, anchovies, provolone cheese & aubergine
Frutti di Mare £10.20 £16.70 Seafood selection in a delicious marinated sauce (served with mozzarella on request)
  • Homemade Italian Desserts available
  • 9" Pizza Bases and Gluten Free Pizza Bases / Pasta available
  • For Allergen Information, please ask a member of staff


We cut fresh potatoes to make our chips

Item Price Price with chips
Battered Cod £4.90 £7.20
Battered Haddock / Plaice £5.20 £7.50
Scampi £5.20 £7.50
Silvio's Fishcake £1.50 £3.80
Silvio's Double Fishcake £2.65 £4.95
Sausages / Burgers
Item Price Price with chips
Small Sausage £1.30 £3.60
Large Sausage £2.00 £4.30
¼lb / Cheese / Battered Burger £3.65 £5.95
Item Price Price with chips
Chicken Nuggets £2.60 £4.90
Chicken Burger £4.00 £6.30
½ Chicken £5.00 £7.30
Pasties / Pies
Item Price Price with chips
Traditional Pasty £2.60 £4.90
Steak & Kidney / Chicken & Mushroom Pie £4.00 £6.30
Item Price
Small Chips £2.50
Large Chips £3.30
Cheesy Chips £3.70
Cone of Chips £1.95
Item Price
Onion Rings £2.30
Garlic Mushrooms £4.00
Battered Mars Bar £1.85
Sauces / Extras
Item Price
Garlic Mayonnaise £1.95
Curry Sauce / Gravy / Mushy Peas / Baked Beans £1.20
Sachets of Sauce £0.20
Chilled Drinks
Item Price
Sanpellegrino (Sparkling Italian Soft Drinks) £1.70
Bottle £2.00
Cans £1.40
  • Homemade Italian Desserts available
  • For Allergen Information, please ask a member of staff


15-17 Broad Street, Wells, BA5 2DJ

Da Luciano Pizzeria is a fully licensed family friendly, authentic Italian restaurant, in Wells, Somerset

Open: 12-10pm, Mon - Sat*
*Excludes Bank Holidays


01749 675884

Take-away orders are available during opening hours.
You can pick up your take-away orders from Da Luciano Pizzeria


01749 675884

Delivery orders are taken during opening hours.
Da Luciano's offers a delivery service for all our freshly prepared, delicious food including homemade ice cream and Italian desserts...

Delivery charges start from £2.00 within Wells, Somerset
The minimum order for delivery is £10.00

To help us speed up your delivery... Please:
  • Leave directions if your home is not well numbered.
  • Leave a light on to help aid us to your door, when dark.
  • If using a cheque, please have the correct banker's card ready for the driver to verify.


Weddings / Parties

Da Luciano Pizzeria and Bar Italia can offer catering for any event (parties / social gatherings) either in house or by delivery.
For more information, please ask a member of staff

Contact us for more information:
Da Luciano Pizzeria
  • Tel: +44 (0) 1749 675884
  • Address: 15-17 Broad Street, Wells, BA5 2DJ
Bar Italia


Treat someone special

Da Luciano Pizzeria vouchers can be purchased as £10 / £20 vouchers.
These vouchers can be used as part or full payment within the restaurant, take-away and for delivery. For more information, please ask a member of staff


Da Luciano Pizzeria

Since 1990 we have been making our own unique pizza dough, cooked in stone ovens, producing the freshest and tastiest pizzas in town

Our family originates in Calabria in the ‘toe’ of Italy, famous for its fiery N’duja

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